The First Brexit-Inspired Gay Erotic Novel Is Here

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The First Brexit-Inspired Gay Erotic Novel Is Here

The fallout of the Brexit referendum has brought confusion to some and indignation to others, so if you’ve had little to smile about… we at Secret London have something to share it with you!

Pounded by the Pound is an erotic gay adventure by author Chuck Tingle. Yes, his name is Chuck Tingle, either his family knew he was going to write errotic gay fiction or it’s just a happy accident. Tingle is responsible for such masterpieces as:

In the 4500 word opus, a giant floating pound coin, with an “incredible set of chiseled metallic abs” and a “thick golden rod”, takes 25-year-old Alex Liverbot into the future.

This vision of dystopian London, a few weeks after the Brexit vote, is complete with; the River Thames “bubbling like the lava of a molten volcano”, the “Queen’s guard […] with leathery reptilian wings and extended knifelike teeth” and Quadruple-decker passenger buses lying overturned on the streets as the houses of parliament burn… I guess a lot happened those few weeks.

Against this nightmarish background our protagonist and the giant pound coin strike up an unlikely relationship culminating in an explicit sexual encounter in a London pub.

Laugh as we might at Mr. Tingles work, he is unbelievably prolific, completing as many as 3 books a month. He has even managed to garner the attention of much bigger writers:

Pick up a copy of “Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union” on kindle at amazon.com.

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