Catch Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 At London’s Tropical Pop-Up Cinema

Join us for an exclusive Movie Monday at Backyard Cinema‘s Miami Beach.

It’s your choice, really:

The local multiplex?
The newest Netflix series on your duvet in bed?
OR, 36 tonnes of sand between your flip-flop clad feet, cocktails from the bar, and enormous squashy bean-bag chairs?

There’s only one way to start the week, kid.

London might offer a host of summery film pop-ups, but only Miami Beach offers the British-summer-proof benefit of being 100% indoors. So let the rain lash down and the August winds howl while you sip a piña colada and relax in tropical comfort.

Backyard Cinema’s tropical paradise is based just south of the river, between Borough and Elephant and Castle tube stations.

Coming up at our Secret London Screenings, we’ve got Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on September 11.

You can also check out more listings on the Backyard Cinema site.

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