This Festive Food Tube Map Shows All Of London’s Seasonal Treats

Festive food

There’s a delicious service on all lines, thanks to this festive food tube map.

With all due respect to Harry Beck, this is the only tube map we’ll be using this Christmas. Wren Kitchens, clearly a little hopped up on eggnog and candy canes, have put together a festive food tube map, showing the nearest seasonal treat to London’s underground stations. Let’s take a mouthwatering journey, shall we?

Festive food

The festive food map is a smorgasbord of sugar, booze, and cheer – in short, everything you could want this Christmas. There’s a mix of drinks, dishes, and pop-ups on the map, spanning everywhere from Bayswater to Aldgate. For instance, Bond Street is the home of the Christmas Pudding Donut, found at Bread Ahead. From there, I’d advise you to hop over to Covent Garden for a Christmas Dinner Pizza courtesy of Fire and Stone, and then down to Waterloo for a stay at Jimmy’s Lodge.

Festive food

All of London’s slightly questionable festive food trends can be seen here – even the Burgducken Burger, that unholy combination of meats. The map also includes a handy key to show where festive foods are available, and if you can manage all twenty spots, we reckon you’re in for a very merry Christmas indeed!

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