A ‘Face Gym’ Has Opened In Chelsea And This Is What It Does

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

A ‘Face Gym’ Has Opened In Chelsea And This Is What It Does

A Face Gym has opened in Chelsea. Is that a look of shock or are you just training the 40+ muscles in your face?

That’s what the face ‘trainers’ do in the new flagship FaceGym shop on King’s Road, which opened in December. It is the only facial gym in the UK, and yes, it is a real gym. It’s on Class Pass.

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Could this really be the new, non-invasive Botox?

Instead of skin fillers making your face cat-like you can receive ‘vigorous knuckling movements and high energy whipping strokes to simulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal to lift, tone and tighten the face’.

Feeling sweaty already.

Instead of a medicine ball, it’s a ‘Face Ball’, instead of a foam roller it’s a ‘Derma Roller’, instead of spirulina smoothies it’s an ‘Open Lab Beauty Bar where you can make your own face milk, oil, cream and lip balm’ alongside their miracle mixologists.

With Victoria Secrets visiting, features in Vogue as well as the already successful studio in Selfridges, Oxford Street, facial exercise could be your fitness regime of the future.

Example workouts include a ‘Cryo Oxygen Workout’ at £80 for 30 mins which involves a high pressure shot of frozen CO2 and claims to ‘freeze wrinkles in a flash’.

Also featured is the £60 for 40 mins ‘Hangover Cure’ which has been called ‘a Bloody mary for your face’ and focuses on lymphatic drainage. But you won’t be needing that in Dry January. Right?

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