Ever Wanted to Swim in The Thames?

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

The Thames

And we’re not talking about the old **get drunk, jump in for a dip, WHEYYYYYYYYYYYY LADS, freeze to death** kind of swim either. No, we’re talking about ‘Thames Baths’, a new lido project on London’s famous river. Matt, one of the team looking to raise money for the ambitious project, spoke exclusively to Secret London this week.

Thames Baths
[Temple Baths ©Studio Octopi & Picture Plane]
“Some people think it’s a little bit crazy, but we love it.” Right on, Matt. Crazy? Yes. Exciting? Unbelievably. I mean, how often do you get the chance to swim in The Thames? With roughly £50,000 of the £125,000 target already raised, there’s obviously a lot of people out there who are happy to get behind ‘crazy’ as an idea. And don’t go thinking this a pipeline dream either, behind it is a team of 2 experienced architects and an expert strategist, so it has the foundations to stay afloat. The lido will be heated, and cleaned by an advanced filtering system.

Sketch 2

Bath sketch
[Exclusive design sketches]
The sketches above have only been seen by the people behind the project (Matt, Chris and James), Studio Octopi and you, the Secret London readers, so we’re feeling pretty smug. Excited? Be a part of it by donating to the project’s Kickstarter here. Matt says there’ll be a big announcement about the baths on the 12th May, we can’t wait!

Thames Baths team
[London boys: James, Chris and Matt of Thames Baths]


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