Embrace Your Inner Adventurer On This Night-Time Kayaking Trip

Talisker Talisker


Talisker Whisky have teamed up with Secret Adventures, the off-the-grid adventurers, to give you the chance to jump right out of your comfort zone and into a kayak… on the Thames… at night.

Although the Thames isn’t quite the sea, this event is designed to draw upon Talisker’s island roots, and to give a lovely little nod to their ‘Made By The Sea’ heritage. Talisker is one of the oldest Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, and it’s distilled in the beautifully remote Isle of Skye. They want to share their story with us Londoners, as well as their wonderful whisky of course, but, since the nearest seaside is a couple of hours away, they had to get creative…


From May until October, the Talisker Whisky X Secret Adventures experience will allow you to kayak along the Thames after dark, exploring the city in a totally unique way. What’s the motive?, I hear you ask. Well, besides the beautiful views of London, you’ll also get to enjoy the finest whisky the Scottish Highlands has to offer as soon as you disembark your humble craft.


Re-enter your comfort zone just as quickly as you left it by heading to The Sail Loft or The Cutty Sark pub for a post-kayak dram (or an exclusive cocktail from Talisker’s wilderness menu), to smoothly ease you back in to life on land.


You don’t have to float on the Thames to qualify for a cocktail, mind. Simply head to The Cutty Sark pub throughout May to indulge in Talisker’s exclusive Wilderness Menu, featuring a list of cocktails that will whisk you off your feet. Try a Talisker Storm neat, or go for something a little more summery with a Talisker 10 Highball, served with ginger ale and fresh lime. Alternatively, you can opt for the extra special Talisker Thames Adventurer, made with Talisker Skye, ginger wine and orange bitters. Now that sounds like a bitter me.


The experience costs £59pp, which includes the kayak trip and an exclusive Talisker cocktail/dram. Choose from two options: a night kayak to Greenwich or a night kayak across London (the latter includes a paddle beneath the iconic Tower Bridge). Follow the links to book your tickets.

This post was sponsored by Talisker.