Edge Cycle: London’s New Exercise Craze That’ll Get You ‘Wheelie’ Fit

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Edge Cycle puts a serious ‘spin’ on spinning, making it London’s new favourite exercise class. Latin Craze, Bootcamp and Fight Club are just a handful of the variety of classes on offer, meaning cycling has never been so fun…and tough. Renowned as being one of the biggest dedicated cycling studios in the UK, Edge Cycle is the perfect place to get your bike fix, whatever your taste, whatever your level and whatever your schedule. And you can do so without the usual in-your-face-no-room-to-breathe malarky, which in our opinion makes this possibly the greatest spin class ever.

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A unique experience is a given, but what is most attractive about Edge Cycle is its attention to detail. Shower and sweat (highly recommended…) towels are available free of charge, lockers can be hired either as you go or weekly and the changing and shower facilities are actually nice. Furthermore, their classes are so varied that there really is something for everyone…and we were lucky enough to try out Edge Latin Craze (a peculiar yet effective mix of spinning, weights and dancing).

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Not going to lie, some of us aren’t exactly the fittest (*ahem* ?) but upon hearing that it was only part spinning and the rest dancing, we were feeling pretty confident – our Saturday nights have consisted of busting out shapes on the df (ok, bedroom) long enough to be OK with a little harmless zumba…right? WRONG! The first 20 minutes or so consisted of some solid cycling, meaning that by the time we got off our bikes to ‘zumba’, our legs were already about to give way. Now, we aren’t trying to put you off. Despite the (wonderful) instructor, Ingrid, threatening to make everyone do it again if you stop, you can absolutely go at your own pace…we just perhaps got a little carried away. Besides, this wasn’t just zumba. Squatting and lifting weights constitutes the ‘dance’ part of the class, lasting for another 15 minutes until it was time to get back on the bike and see out the session with a final (big) push of spinning.

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Apparently (and unsurprisingly) you can burn up to 1000 calories per class making this a full body work out worth your time. And money. But being as great as they are, your first class is FREE! So try it out, work it out, and download the Fever App to book your Edge Bootcamp classes already!!


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