Here’s How To Spend An Evening Eating And Drinking In Borough Market

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Here’s How To Spend An Evening Eating And Drinking In Borough Market

London Bridge: home to The Shard, some incredible views of the Thames and any number of delicious restaurants around Borough Market.

No matter whether you call London home or you’re just visiting, it’s definitely somewhere you’ll frequent more than once. And there’s so much going on in the area that it’s impossible to walk around without viewing some impressive architecture, listening to some buskers or catching sight of a certain floating museum. But now that you’ve explored the area, you’re probably getting peckish.

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But before your appetite really hits, stop for a pre-dinner drink. Walk past Borough Market and, towards the water’s edge, you’ll spot Boro Bistro. This flower-filled French restaurant has delightfully quaint interiors and is small enough to feel intimate yet cosy. For the best views, sit yourself down on the outside terrace and watch the world go by.

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Sure, it might not be warm enough to spend the entire evening out here, but stay for a Gordon’s and tonic with a mouthwateringly piquant charcuterie board and enjoy the surrounding ambiance of Boro Bistro before venturing off for dinner. If nothing else, you’ll kill two birds with one stone sitting back on the terrace: snap some beautiful photos of the Thames while you wait for the inevitable latecomers to your evening out.

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Once everyone’s arrived, had a G&T and is suitably hungry for dinner, walk no more than three minutes up the road to Hawksmoor Borough. Here, you’ll find some of the Secret London-approved best steaks in the whole of the city: there are a huge eight variations on the menu! But if you’re not a steak fan, fear not: Hawksmoor has plenty of delicious options ranging from oysters (two types!) to monkfish, herb-fed chicken and lobster. When it comes to sides, go crazy with everything from beef dripping fries to creamed spinach, parsnips & maple bacon and mash & gravy. If you don’t leave with a full stomach then you’re doing it wrong.

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But it wouldn’t be a trip to Hawksmoor without gazing at their dessert menu. Order yourself an indulgent Baileys with Hawksmoor’s Warm chocolate tart with brown butter ice cream. While this might be our top combination, a Baileys (an excellent way to properly round off a night) also goes excellently with the Peanut butter shortbread, Salted caramel tart and Sticky toffee pudding. In short, if there’s the option to order more than one, we wouldn’t judge!

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Before you put an end to your evening, walk across the bridge and marvel at the city’s skyline all lit up at night. And, if you want to impress your friends with a bit of history thrown into the mix, here’s what London Bridge (and some other famous ones across the city) used to look like, back in the day!  

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