Eat Unlimited Canapés And Desserts From the Nobu Chefs

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Nobu World Series

Nibble your way to heaven at this Saturday’s Nobu World Series Food Festival.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has conquered the globe with his innovative blend of traditional Japanese cuisine and Peruvian inspirations. Celebs and well-to-do sorts have been his Mayfair restaurants for top-drawer sushi since forever.

Nobu Chef

Now you can join him and a 21-strong team of executive chefs from Nobus (Nobii?) around the world for a blow-out gourmet snackfest at the deliciously swish Nobu Hotel Shoreditch.

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This Friday (July 28) they’ll be dishing out unlimited canapés and unlimited desserts for discriminating Londoners, and guests get two free drinks into the bargain. (If you want to keep the Japanese theme, the CEO of Hokusetsu Brewery will be pouring our some custom-brewed sake for the occasion.)

Listen, tickets to this sushi-tastic soiree are £90. But then again, if you can eat 90 canapés, you’ll come out well ahead, and let’s face it, it’s a challenge you’ve essentially spent your whole life preparing for. Stay hungry, stay focused.

Get tickets to the Nobu World Series: Food Festival here.

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