5 Heavenly Hotspots To Eat (And Drink) Nutella In London

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Is there anything more exciting than personalised possessions? From initials engraved on pencils to inscribed lockets, nothing says I love you (or I love me) more than a gift with a name on it. Now what about a pot of Nutella with your name on it? Oooooh yes. The clever guys of Selfridges are bringing back their personalised pots of Nutella, making dreams come true once again this Christmas for anyone that’s nutty about the chocolate spread. The service is already underway and will be running in-store and also online, which will come as a nice surprise for anyone that spent hours queueing last time. Celebrate the good news by trying out some of these hazelnut-chocolate delights at some of our fave Nutella hotspots in London…


1. Nutella ‘Duffins’ at Bea’s Of Bloomsbury, multiple locations

You remember duffins right? Doughnut muffins? Clever Bakery owner Bea Vo created this naughty hybrid and featured it in her recipe book, only for it then to appear in Starbucks. The cheeky coffee chain lost a subsequent lawsuit and no longer sells them but Bea Vo does at her shops in Farringdon, Bloomsbury and St Paul’s. They’re available filled either with jam or…THE GOOD STUFF.

Multiple locations.


2. Nutella and Skippy Peanut Butter Crepe @ Creme de la Crepe, Covent Garden

Need we say more? Probably not. But we’re going to anyway because this devilish little crepe kitchen also has flavours on its menu like the ‘Cheap Date’ (Mars Bar and Baileys) and – wait for it – the ‘Banoffee Pie’ (banana, dulce de leche, ginger biscuits and extra thick double cream). It’s not the most attractive location but it gets the job done. Actually, it gets so, so much more than the job done.

Unit 29, The Piazza



3. Nutella Martini @ Christopher’s, Covent Garden

This glamorous martini bar in Covent Garden is probably one of the only places in London where you will be able to drink a Nutella Martini. It feels so wrong but also so achingly right.

18 Wellington Street



4. Nutella and Mascarpone Warm Dough Ring @ Pizza Union, Spitalfields and Kings Cross

Whatever you do, make sure you leave room for this. A warm dough ring filled with oozing Nutella and creamy Mascarpone… It’s better than the pizza. And the pizza is pretty unbelievable too. Oh, and there’s also a salted caramel option on the menu. Wipe that saliva from your face and try it out for yourself.

Multiple locations


5. Nutella and Mascarpone Toastie @ The Melt Room, Soho


We know how much you love a good cheese toastie but just wait until you’ve tried the Melt Room’s sweeter option. This melting, gooey goodness, sandwiched together between two slices of white bread is a little bit of Heaven. And it will cure anything: broken hearts, hangovers, wheat intolerances… Okay maybe not the last one but every other ailment.

26 Noel St


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