EasyJet Are Finally Letting Us Book Long Haul Flights

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EasyJet are finally making the move into the long flight world, with the introduction of their new Worldwide service that lets customers book long haul flights.

Until now, EasyJet fans trying to combine their favourite orange-accented flights with those of other airlines needed multiple tabs and several websites. Well, that’s just changed, as EasyJet are now letting us book our long haul flights from the comfort of their own website.

Whilst EasyJet aren’t won’t be flying you all the way to Bali themselves, they are allowing us to book our cheap and cheerful connecting flights from them.

The new Worldwide service will use GatwickConnects to help passengers jump from one connecting flight to another. (Not literally jump, but you get the jist.) EasyJet have already signed on with US carriers WestJet and Norwegian, which means flights to both North and South America.

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There are plans to sign up other major airlines to the scheme, so you can expect destinations such as the Middle East and Asia to start appearing, too.

The only bad side to all of this is you still need to transfer your own bags between, flights but hopefully having them stored at the GatwickConnects desk will make things a lot easier. And there won’t be an increase in luggage price, either. Which is nice.

See more at easyjet.com/worldwide.

Feature Image: Chris Sampson.

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