EasyHotel Are Offering You Fake Views Of London For A £1 Room Upgrade

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Budget chain easyHotel reckon they’ve found a way around actually installing windows in their hotel rooms.

The Old Street branch of easyHotel will soon be offering guests a fake view of London’s landmarks in exchange for a quid. EasyHotel are claiming they have the perfect solution to fight the price increase that comes with a London hotel room with a view. Well, there’s a fine line between genius and madness!

Fake views easyHotel - 2

With some of the most exclusive hotels in the city charging a premium for rooms with a view of up to £10,000 a night, easyHotel are offering the cash-strapped among us a rather novel alternative. Ok, they’re essentially wall decals, but we can’t say we’d be able to turn down this particular gimmick. It’s only £1, right?

Fake views - 1

Don’t worry, there’s no need to request this while booking, because easyHotel will take care of your room preference on arrival. At this point, we’d like you to spare a thought for all the poor hotel receptionists who are now made to offer this option to everyone checking into the hotel. The thought of having to explain and sell this ‘upgrade’ to every single punter is just painful.

easyHotel Manchester Room (2)

Alternatively, you can shell out a bit more for a room with real windows, like the one pictured above. EasyHotel offers rooms in Manchester, Brussels, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Glasgow, and London starting from just £19.99 per night.

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Lily Frohlich

Lily Frohlich

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