A Festival Dedicated To Dumplings Is Coming To London This Year

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Dumpling festival

Dim-sumbody say dumpling festival?

If you love all things dumpling—from Gyoza to Guo Tie—then oh my, do we have a treat for you! London is getting another food festival in August. But even better than that, it’s a food festival dedicated entirely to the king of asian cuisine: the dumpling. That’s right London, welcome to the dumpling festival!

If, like us, you’re totally obsessed with these tiny parcels of joy, you’ll be pleased to hear that some of the best in the business will be gathering in London to deliver the most delectable selection of dumplings to hungry hoards of Londoners.

Dumpling festival

Be sure to wear your comfiest, stretchiest trousers, because we guarantee you’ll be tempted to scoff a bunch of all-new fillings and flavours as you wander around the festival. Meanwhile, in the age of social distancing, Fever will be taking every precaution to keep visitors safe and healthy. There will be a reduced capacity in order to allow everyone to enjoy the event, social distancing regulations will be followed, and free masks and hand sanitiser will be provided for those that don’t have any. The staff will have training to follow the regulations, and all guests will be given a safety briefing upon arrival.

Dumpling festival

We’re keeping some of the info under wraps for the moment, but we will tell you that it’s all taking place at the brilliant Hoxton Docks in east London from August 28th-30th. Featuring a live band, a collection of incredible DJs and, obviously, the best dumplings in the entire city, this festival is the perfect place for food lovers to come and celebrate together.

Dumpling festival

However you like them—steamed or super crispy—there is sure to be a whole load on offer to tickle your tastebuds. There’ll be five sessions across the weekend: one on Friday evening, followed by afternoon and evening sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. So, if fancy securing your spot at this incredible dumpling festival then get your tickets here!

👉🏻🥟 Tickets are on sale now! 🥟👈🏻

Practical information

18 Sep 2020 17:00 - 20 Sep 2020 16:30
From £17.00
Food & Drink