Watch Very Drunk People Perform Shakespeare At This Hilarious Comedy Night

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Shhhhhfaced shakespeare

It ish… the East? And Juliet ish… *hic* the shunnn?

The Bard can be bawdy, so what could be better than adding a touch of alcohol-soaked magic to a performance of one of Shakespeare’s finest plays?

Shitfaced Shakespeare

That’s exactly what the pro-swearing, pro-beer Magnificent Bastards theatre company have been doing for the past eight years: combining deeply serious Shakespeare performances with the presence of one absolutely rat-arsed cast member.

The result, as you might imagine, is classical theatre at it’s most hilarious and falling-downy, as their popular Shorts videos on YouTube attest:

Now, the cast with livers of steel are returning to their home turf of London for a liquored-up attempt at Romeo & Juliet.

“For never was… a story of more… woe than Romeo… and Ju… wait?”

ShhhhhFaced Shakespeare London
Photo: Rah Petherbridge

Expect messed-up Montagues, cock-eyed Capulets or even a pissed-up Prince – a fateful short straw will determine which performer will be reciting their lines through the haze of a hefty pre-drinking session.

The old saying that ‘comedy = tragedy + time’ might still be true, but ‘tragedy + copious tequila’ works just as well for these guys.

Shhhh-Faced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet runs at the Leicester Square Theatre from July 11 for a limited time only. Don’t be shhhhhh out of luck: get tickets here!



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