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Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time will make you go nuts for doughnuts.

In 1788, the British government sent a fleet of ships to a far corner of the world in order to establish a colony, an act that led to the founding of modern-day Australia. In 2017, Australia sent Doughnut Time to London, an act that led to us becoming stuffed full of delicious sugary treats. And since then, the Aussie aces have become the darlings of the London doughnut scene. Which, coincidentally, is the most delicious scene in London.

Doughnut Time
Photo: @lilo.and.dish

Since arriving in London, Doughnut Time have been whipping up a city-wide sugar rush. Having spread to five locations across the city, their doughnut dominance shows little sign of slowing down- not that we’re complaining. The Westfield location is actually this utterly sick van, which I’m very much coveting.

Doughnut Time
Photo: @doughnuttime_uk

Doughnut Time’s doughnuts are usually given a cheerfully punny title, often with a pop culture reference. This has resulted in offerings such as Stranger Rings, Berry Seinfeld, and Houston, We Have Biscoff. Their pun game is strong, and as you well know, puns are a-OK with Secret London. Meanwhile, they’ve also got a very appealing selection of vegan doughnuts, so no-one has to miss out on the holey treats. Doughnut Time also plans to set up a doughnut academy, teaching you the dark art of doughnutting, and one can only hope the final exam has an eating component.

Doughnut Time
Photo: @vegankitchenstory

Many reasons to love Doughnut Time, then, but there’s another crucial one. Doughnut Time have a delicious habit of giving away free doughnuts whenever they open a new location (which has happened a lot recently), so you’re often in with a chance of getting one. And as you surely know, doughnuts taste even better when they’re free.

Doughnut Time
Photo: @infatuation

Anyway, I’m officially too hungry to write decent content anymore, so I suggest you check out the perverse amount of doughnut porn on offer from Doughnut Time’s Instagram account. As that’s left to say is cheers to Australia, for sending us a bloody ripper doughnut shop.

Photo: @doughnuttime_uk

Location: five locations across London, find your nearest branch here.
Opening hours: these vary from location to location, but you can find out here.
Entry: most of Doughnut Time’s offerings will set you back around £4.
More information: from their website.

Featured image: @doughnuttime_uk

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