Dough-My God: Creme Egg Crodoughs Have Landed In London For Easter

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Dough-My God: Creme Egg Crodoughs Have Landed In London For Easter

East London’s Rinkoff Bakery is celebrating the Easter bank holiday with Creme Egg Crodoughs and it’s like Christmas Spring has come early. And no, we can’t stop salivating either.

The Creme Egg Crodough is made by frying croissant dough, then injecting Creme Egg fondant into the middle of the dough ring, before topping with more fondant and a mini Creme Egg. The family-run bakery has two east London shops, and was established in 1911 (although we’re pretty sure they didn’t have Crodoughs then). You best be quick, though – Rinkoff’s can only makes a limited number each day, which, unsurprisingly, sell out very quickly…and they are only available until March 26.

Cadbury Cronut ?????????? rp???@rinkoffbakery

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If you’ve given up yummy things for Lent…soz. You don’t even have to leave the house, either – Crodoughs are available on Deliveroo! The doughy devils also have a S’mores Crodough filled with Nutella and topped with soft marshmallow

S’mores CroDough “Cronut” filled with Nutella

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And one filled with salted caramel and topped with pistachio

We’ve got an extra spring in our step all of a sudden…but that could be be all the sugar ?

creme egg

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