Don’t Get In A Flap! 6 Fried Chickens Worth Clucking About In London

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

Don’t Get In A Flap! 6 Fried Chickens Worth Clucking About In London

If a “cheeky” Nando’s has about the same appeal as a Saturday afternoon trip to M&M world then gather round. We’ve rounded up 6 of London’s most scrumptious chick-hits worth getting in a flap over…


1. Chicken Shop, 5 locations across London.

Perfect for popping in, this no-book restaurant specialises in comfort food at it’s simplest. In that all that’s on offer is, you got it, spit-roast chicken. Offering take-away, with 4 sides and puds to choose from, things are kept as minimalistic as possible, from the 3-wine menu to the pared-down layout of the restaurant itself.


2. Japanese Fried Chicken Feasting Basket at Flesh & Buns, Seven Dials


‘Japanese fried chicken’ may seem like one fusion too far but apparently feasting on fried chicken has been a Christmas tradition in Japan since the mid-seventies! Believe it or not, the KFC ‘Party Bucket’ is the most widely-eaten meal in Japan on Christmas Eve. Following in the same vein, Flesh & Buns have added a steamer basket of buttermilk and shichimi fried half-chicken with BBQ mayonnaise to their menu, served accompanied by fresh salad and steamed buns, unassembled for a build-your-own buns dining experience. This is a limited edition Christmas special (you heard it here first), launching on the 1st December, and served throughout the festive season until 23rd December.


3.  Sticky Wings, Brick Lane.

Here the clue really is in the name. If you aren’t too fussed about the state you end up in after your meal then get your paws on some of SW’s award-winning buffalo wings. Coated in their signature sauces, these little bites of heaven are the perfect snack attack solution for a grumbly lunchtime stomach.


4. Bird, Shoreditch

Bird’s owners have emphasised that anyone can enjoy their buttermilk battered birds and this open-space East London layout certainly has a chilled and friendly vibe. Their maple waffle and chicken is a nod to the Canadian roots of the shop and their Doughnut Hatch, serving freshly-made, hand-rolled doughnuts, is perfect for an after dinner takeaway treat.


5. Jeff the Chef, Brixton Station Rd.

Jeff’s Caribbean kiosk in Brixton is a sensual sensation, with the scent of jerk chicken more than matching the taste. Working off a tiny grill, the chicken at Jeff’s is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, whether you fancy a snack or fuller meal.


6. Chooks, Muswell Hill.

Serving a secret family recipe for their buttermilk chicken, Chooks specialises in feel-good food. The chicken comes in various forms depending on your fancy; nachos, burgers, salads, burritos- you name it, they do it.

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