There’s A London Walk Just For Doctor Who Obsessives

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Doctor Who Tour London

This Dr Who tour takes in famous London locations where the Doctor one battled his transdimensional foes.

Can’t wait for the Doctor Who Christmas special? Well now you can take a (literal) walk down (a metaphorical) memory lane, visiting some of the legendary places where the capital has played a vital part in the TV series.

Starting at London Bridge and finishing at Westminster, this exciting Doctor Who walking tour will take you to some of the show’s most iconic settings, including the Great Intelligence Base from “The Bells of St John’s” to The Globe Theatre, as seen in “The Shakespeare Code”.

You’ll see where Missy sat as her Cybermen take over the world and hear Doctor Who trivia and behind-the-scenes tales of how filming took place in some of London’s busiest spots. To the TARDIS!

The Doctor Who Tour Of London takes places on Sundays and also Thursday, December 28. Get tickets here!

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