6 DIY Food And Drink Spots In London For Some Hands-On Fun

There’s nothing wrong with putting a bit of effort into your meal – like your own personal touch, if you will. These London eateries and drinkeries all have items on their menu that allow you to get a bit creative and involved in what’s in front of you (before you quickly consume).


1. DIY Doughnuts from Ben’s Canteen


Dough my God. There are so many great things about this: We. Can’t. Even. Firstly, doughnuts. Secondly, multiple sweet fillings. Thirdly, syringes… The temptation to squirt any left over chocolate sauce directly into your mouth is too much. (No, seriously. It has to be done.) You can ‘get your fill’ of Ben’s in either Earlsfield or Battersea.


2. Flesh and Buns


Hidden away in a quirky Covent Garden basement, with some of the friendliest (and coolest) staff ever encountered, the main focus of this wicked joint is DIY-filled steamed Hirata buns. To begin, diners pick their ‘flesh‘. This is one of the hardest tasks we’ve ever undertaken due to the vast array of succulent, melt-in-the-mouth meats on offer. We’re talking Wagyu rump steak, salmon teriyaki, crispy piglet belly and crispy duck. You then place your meat into the sweetest and fluffiest buns, with perhaps a side of corresponding sauce and pickle. For afters, try your hand at their S’mores created, where you toast your own marshmallows on a real fire at your table.


3. Steak and Co.


If you’re a lover of meat, but are fussy when it comes to how you like it cooked, then Steak and Co. are offering the perfect solution. Select your cut and watch it sizzle in front of you on a hot plate, for an extra sensory way to dine. They’ve got 4 branches across West London alone. N.B. Not to be confused with Angus Steak House.


4. Pizza Buzz


Who doesn’t love pizza? Who doesn’t love themselves (come on, we’re all guilty of a bit of narcissism!)? Therefore, who wouldn’t love an entirely personalised pizza? You can forgot about Two For Tuesdays, because Pizza Buzz allow you to nibble on delectable creations of your very own, made yours from the base up. Choose from extensive array of bases and toppings, to create a pizza for your soul. For an even more indulgent experience, Pizza Buzz offer a bottomless Prosecco (or beer) and pizza experience. Literally, endless heaven for under £30! You can book your place on Fever, here.


5. Science-Up Your Own Cocktails


The brilliant ABQ originally opened up the Breaking Bad style RV as a limited time pop-up, but, due to popular demand, they’re in it for the long run! Once inside the surprisingly spacious bar-come-vehicle, you’re handed over the elements to ‘cook’ your own cocktails up (gas masks and goggles are optional). The equipment is all brought over to you, with the hard stuff all done. All you need to do is bring along your favourite spirits and get crazy with science. Expect smoking drinks, liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide whippers and pills that alter your tastebuds. Trrrriippppy.  You just have to do the fun bits (and the drinking!). Who said science and liquor didn’t mix?


6. CYOB at Band Of Burgers


The guys at Band of Burgers not only serve up the some of Camden’s most tender and well-sourced beef patties, but they also allow you to get a bit creative with their menu. Choosing from their extensive list of ingredients, you can Create Your Own Burger from scratch. With 6 types of cheese, 5 types of patty and a crazy amount of sauces (including the likes of peanut butter and maple syrup?!), you can make up a burger that’s as wonderfully unique as you are. And you can bring whatever booze you fancy to drink with it (as it’s BYOB). Reverse a table in advance here, as they’re due to get pretty busy!

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