Ditch Your Standard Sunday Roast Because There’s An Entire Fried Chicken In London!


Sunday roasts are great, they truly are, but forget the roast potatoes, the soggy carrots and the gravy because a new chick is in town!

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Chick ‘n’ Sours, the geniuses who take fried chicken and sour cocktails to another level, have only gone and fried an entire chicken. We don’t know how the idea came about but we’re definitely not complaining.

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Whole Fry Sundays are only available on Sunday’s (duh) and it’s recommended that you share between two people who really love their fried chicken. It comes complete with 2 sides of your choice, chilli vinegar and a Gochujang mayo. The smacked cucumber, pickled watermelon and dripping fries all sound amazing but we’ll leave that choice up to you!

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Looking for something to wash all that down with? Have no fear because the cocktails are certainly here. Concoctions such as the Chick’N’Club mix up gin, apple, lemon, raspberry and even chilli vinegar to create a cocktail like no other. And we must say, we’re a real big fan of their cocktail names. With drinks like The Pink Elephant and The Fabulous Gay Wedding, you can’t really go wrong. Or can you?

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Whole Fry Sundays are available at both the Seven Dials and Haggerston branches.

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