An All-Night Disney Movie Pyjama Party Is Coming To London

Calling all would-be Disney princesses…

Do you love classic Disney films? Like, really love them? Well, grab a pal and get excited, because an all-night Disney movie marathon is coming to the Prince Charles Cinema, off Leicester Square.

Offering no less than 11 hours and 40 minutes of enchanting, animated magic, the nostalgia-fest kicks off at 8.05pm with a screening of The Little Mermaid. Then it’s onto the original Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story and Hercules, before concluding (if you’re still awake) with a ‘mystery’ Disney movie.

Pyjamas are not mandatory but they are, organisers remind us, ‘ace and comfy.’ You can also bring your own (non-noisy) food and (non-alcoholic) drink, as well as blankets and pillows. Make it all the way to the finish line at 8.05am, and you’ll get to appear in one of the cinema’s ‘marathon survivor photos’:

Photo: Prince Charles Cinema, Facebook

Night owls of an alternative cinematic persuasion might prefer the cinema’s upcoming Lord Of The Rings Trilogy All-Nighter, or for a dose of action, their Jean Claude Van Damme – A – Thon. But there’s only one Disney, isn’t there?

Update: this is currently sold out. Why not check out our guide to London’s luxury cinemas – including one with double beds in it?

Tickets cost £20, and the event takes place on Saturday, February 24th. Update: Saturday is sold out but there’s another night on Friday, Feb 23. Get your tickets from their website.