Dippy The Dinosaur Is Leaving The Natural History Museum!

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Dippy The Dinosaur Is Leaving The Natural History Museum!

The Natural History Museum’s iconic dinosaur, lovingly known as Dippy, is leaving London to go galavanting across the UK as part of a new tour. Dippy the diplodocus has stood in the entrance hall of the legendary London museum since 1979, and will be sorely missed by Londoners and tourists alike. We now only have until January 2017 to say goodbye!

In the 110 or so years since he was revealed to the public, Dippy has wowed visitors, seen the ruling of six different prime ministers, and become a huge movie star, appearing in films such as Night at the Museum and Paddington! (Someone really ought to make him an IMDb profile).

[Natural History Museum]
But hey, not all is lost! Taking Dippy’s place will be a giant 82ft whale (she hasn’t got a cutesy nickname yet, but we don’t reckon it’ll be long before she does). The new exhibit—a genuine skeleton of the largest animal to ever live on earth—will hang dramatically from the ceiling with its mouth wide open as if it’s swallowing visitors as they explore the Hintze Hall.

Why not have a look at some adults-only after hours events at the museum as a way of saying goodbye to Dippy? A grown-up sleepover or a silent disco perhaps? We know you’re tempted… 


(Feature image: Natural History Museum)

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