The Immersive Wizard’s Ball With Unlimited Magic-Inspired Cocktails

The Dinnerstry of Magic are opening their doors and welcoming the wandless for a festive dinner and dance.

Taking place in a Location That Must Not Be Named, The Dinnerstry of Magic (D.O.M) cordially invite you to their inaugural Yule ball. A war has been raging, so Trivious White, the eccentric Dinnerster of Magic, has decided to throw a big party in an attempt to restore relations between witches, wizards and the wandless. And he figured unlimited cocktails might sweeten everybody up…


Created by the team behind the ultra-successful Feasty Blinders experience, Dinnerstry of Magic is set to be another spellbinding event. Celebrating the most magical time of the year, the D.O.M.’s Yule Ball will be a coming together of enchanting cocktails, immersive entertainment and festive feasting.


Tickets start at £49, which gets you entry to the immersive dining experience, a two-course meal and bottomless magic-inspired cocktails. The secret location will be revealed via ticket ‘owl’ nearer the time.

The Yule Ball(s) will take place on selected Saturdays and Sundays in December. Get your tickets here

Pssst! Keep your eyes peeled as we have a sneaky feeling that extra dates will be added soon.

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