Dine In An Igloo With Stunning Views Of, Erm, Heathrow Airport Runway

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Dine In An Igloo With Stunning Views Of, Erm, Heathrow Airport Runway

You’ve all seen the famous igloos by now, they’re pretty much everywhere you look. But the last place you’d expect to see one is on the roof of an airport terminal.

London’s Coppa Club are the original creators of the dine-in igloo, and people are willing to fight to the death in order to get inside them before they disappear for the summer. But now, there’s another way you can get inside! All you need to do is book a flight out of London before January 14th, that just so happens to be departing from Heathrow Terminal 3. It’s, frankly, the most extra pop-up you’ve ever seen.


Brought to you by Coppa Club and Virgin Atlantic, this heated igloo can seat up to 8 people, and allows you to tuck into Virgin Atlantic’s fancy food menu before you fly. You’ll find it on the roof of Virgin Atlantic’s terminal 3 Clubhouse, so you can wave off the planes from the comfort of your very own, Nordic-inspired igloo. It may not have quite the same views as their Tower Bridge location, but for the budding plane spotters amongst us, it’s the perfect venue.

If a flight to New York is a bit of a stretch, you can always pop to one of Coppa Club’s central London locations. Before you plan your visit, take a look at their excellent set menu, available on Fever until January 31st 2018. Check out the menu and book

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