A Dick-and-Balls Shaped Sky Scraper Is Coming To London!

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A Dick-and-Balls Shaped Sky Scraper Is Coming To London!

Spire London is set to become Western Europe’s tallest residential building and the 800+ apartments are going to be pure luxury and starting at a painful £500,000 each we wouldn’t expect anything less! The sky scraper will be 771 foot, (that’s 67-storeys!), high and looks pretty impressive. It’s not the envy-inducing spa, or the fancy indoor swimming pool, or even the plush, classy bar that seemed to have captured the attention of the public however but rather the shape of the Spire. The design idea behind the shape of Spire London is supposed to resemble the ‘prow and bow’ of a ship, however the more childish of Londoner might think it’s looks more similar to an enormous silver cock and balls sat on the top of the building.

A Chinese developer has unveiled a new £800 MILLION London skyscraper which will be the tallest residential building in Western Europe. See SWNS story SWTALL. The 235-metre high Spire London will have 861 apartments spread across the 67 storeys. And on the 35th floor will be a huge spa with an infinity pool, gym, jacuzzi and fitness studio. The tower, which is being built by Shanghai-based Greenland Group, has been designed to provide uninterrupted panoramic views over the whole of London. It has the highest and most far-reaching views ever provided by apartments in the capital. Initial work on the Spire began earlier this year with the tower expected to open in 2020.
[Green Land Group – Tower Hamlets]
This hilarious cock-up was picked by the Londonist, noting that although the building looks pretty chic and makes a great addition to Canary Wharf from the front, any passengers flying into City Airport may have a little shock from the birds-eye view!

The Spire London will be erected in the Isle of Dogs by 2020, (excuse the pun), so if you fancy grabbing yourself a particularly cheeky luxury apartment in a few years time then head over to the website to register your interest!


Feature Image: [Green Land Group – Tower Hamlets]

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