Restaurant Review: Diciannove – Italian Food At Its Best

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Restaurant Review: Diciannove – Italian Food At Its Best

Let me tagliatelle you a little story: There’s more to London cuisine than greasy fish & chips, flaky pop-ups and Tesco meal deals. A LOT more. The city is filled with restaurants of all nationalities. If you’re looking for a bit of “strange” and you’re into Italian food (like most normal, right-minded people) then head down to the hub that is Blackfriars and book a table at Diciannove.

Regional Gourmet Menu_Diciannove_349A2894

Nestled into the beautiful, riverside Crown Plaza, this restaurant really comes alive for their dinner service but is just as good for a Central London brunch or lunch. The tables are filled with people from all walks of life including the local law folk from the chambers nearby, tourists that have been strolling along Mama Thames, cheerful hotel guests and everyday Joe Soaps like me and you. We’d suggest a post-work refresher at Voltaire Cocktails & Champagne Bar before hand and then a booking from 7.30 onwards at Diciannove when the atmosphere is really bubbly and buzzy.


The authentic Italian menu is bound to cause some mild ordering-dilemma (like the kind you get at Nando’s on a Sunday night…Why would they make you choose between a wrap, a burger or a salad? It’s an impossible decision!) because everything just looks absolutely amazing. If you’re dining with a friend or your latest “swipe-right” you should both prepare yourself for massive food envy because each dish is so beautifully presented and unique in it’s flavours and textures that it just can’t be avoided.

Char-grilled swordfish, rocket and cherry tomato salad

If you really can’t decide what to go for, not to fear – the extremely well versed and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the menu, herb for herb, and recommend the house favourites which quite obviously would include any of the freshly made pasta dishes. One could go as far as to say there is little better in the world than homemade, freshly served pasta…besides world peace and X-Factor of course. We suggest going  “Full-Italian” (if you have the balls) by indulging in an antipasti, a primi,  a secondi and a dessert so you get to taste it all. Starters average at around £10 and mains average at around £20.

Lobster Spaghettini_LR

We received a complimentary bowl of in-house baked bread consisting of chunks of focaccia, cornbread, wholemeal and ciabatta served with a buttery and smooth olive oil and balsamic dipping bowl = Heaven! This is the perfect start to the food journey you’re about to embark on. Just don’t fill up too much on bread because there’s a lot more to come. Their portions are hearty and filling.

Diciannove_Pronto Lunch or Dinner_349A2892

Their pasta and pizza dishes come close to perfection with all seasonal ingredients being sourced regionally. The Italians are also famous for their expertise in seafood dishes and Dicannove is a shining example of this. Their spaghettini dish with fresh lobster, Pigato thyme and fresh tomato is one of their signature dishes. The cherry tomatoes compliment the meaty, sweetness of the lobster meat so perfectly. They also recommend the hearty char-grilled swordfish, rocket and cherry tomatoes salad (an Italian favourite) and the pan fried red mullet, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, olives and basil sauce. You actually cannot go wrong with whatever you order so go mad!

Diciannove_Italy Republic Day_349A2877

The dessert menu is filled with traditional goodies such as the classic tiramisu, palette cleansing gelato and affogato which will leave you with a good coffee kick-back. And if you don’t have a sweet tooth, there’s an Italian cheese board with your name on it.

The food and wine is absolutely bellisimo. The service is friendly, accommodating and polite. You’ll feel full, satisfied, comforted and content after an evening at Dicannove. You need to go here!

19 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6DB

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