Deliveroo Now Bringing You Greasy Goodness ‘Til Midnight

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Deliveroo Now Bringing You Greasy Goodness ‘Til Midnight

Deliveroo announced today they’ll now be fulfilling delivery orders as late as midnight.

You’ve weaved your way home from the pub only to realise two things: you’re starving, and you have no food. But luckily for you (and your flatmate, who’s food is probably looking quite tempting at this point) you can now order in from KFC, Burger King, Wagamama, Pizza Express  and 400 other restaurants until 00:00. (I mean, maybe you’re ordering in a midnight salad and a smoothie! But maybe not.)

And because Deliveroo know exactly what you’re like, their press release promises their riders won’t look at you askance, even if you’re blatantly ordering a family-size chicken bucket for one. (Best not to shade the customers while they’re still hangry, after all.)

It’s all part of an industry-wide race to satisfy Londoners’ basest culinary urges, as last week McDonalds started rolling out delivery with UberEats – find out if you’re in a McDelivery zone here.

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