Dear Santa, Here’s 14 Things All Londoners Want For Christmas

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Dear Santa, Here’s 14 Things All Londoners Want For Christmas

We don’t ask for much this Christmas and we certainly won’t wish for snow – the trains are struggling enough as it is.

We would, however, take cheap(er) rent and a pint under £4 any day. Oh, and maybe some of these things too…

1. A mandatory 1ft radius of personal space on all public transport.

2. This air-conditioned shirt for the Central line.

air con shirt
[Gadget Wiki]
3. The Shard to finally be transformed into Europe’s tallest Christmas tree.

4. A club night to start running on the night tube. And for it to be insanely good.

imgur - tube
5. For TfL Underground fares to be fixed forever… back to the cost it was in the 90’s.

6. For the water in the Thames to run clear.

7. A compulsory “cuddle a puppy on the tube” day to take place.


8. Tourist-free areas/times in central London.

9. One of these for your commute.

10. A temporary tat of the tube map. You’d never need City Mapper again.

11. For your landlord to forget rent day entirely.

12. A free Pret coffee, for just being nice. Or is that just a myth?

13. To be able to see the city with fresh, eager eyes every single day.

14. Anything from Cartier. In fact, we’ll take the entire building wrapped up, please.

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