Dear Santa, Here’s 13 Things All Londoners Want For Christmas

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We don’t ask for much this Christmas and we certainly won’t wish for snow – the trains are struggling enough as it is.

We would, however, take cheap(er) rent and a pint under £4 any day. Oh, and maybe some of these things too…

1. A mandatory 1ft radius of personal space on all public transport.

2. This air-conditioned shirt for the Central line.

air con shirt
[Gadget Wiki]
3. The Shard to finally be transformed into Europe’s tallest Christmas tree.

4. A club night to start running on the night tube. And for it to be insanely good.

imgur - tube
5. For TfL Underground fares to be fixed forever… Back to the cost it was in the 90’s.

6. For the water in the Thames to run clear.

7. A compulsory cuddlea-puppy on the tube day to take place.

8. Tourist-free areas/times in central London.

9. One of these for your commute.

10. A temporary tat of the tube map. You’d never need City Mapper again.

11. For your landlord to forget rent day entirely.

12. A free Pret coffee, for just being nice. Or is that just a myth?

13. To be able to see the city with fresh, eager eyes every single day.

14. Anything from Cartier. In fact, we’ll take the entire building wrapped up, please.

Feature image: Instagram @tmnikonian

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