This Brick Lane Cocoa House Makes A Wicked Hot Chocolate

Forget about the diet, because Dark Sugars makes a darkly delicious hot chocolate.

Brick Lane is famous for many things. It has two sensation beigel shops that split loyalties and divide families. It has a swath of curry houses, all claiming to be the best in London. But perhaps most importantly, it also features possibly the best hot chocolates in London. Yes, this is a debate we’ve had before, and no, this will not be the end of it. But seeing a cup of Dark Sugars‘ finest topped with endless shavings of chocolate just makes everything else seem fairly irrelevant, doesn’t it?

Photo: @darksugars

Just look at it. Loooooooook.

Photo: @darksugars

It’s so beautiful it kinda hurts.

Photo: @darksugars

If that somehow isn’t enough to tempt you (honestly, you must have a will of iron), then let’s talk about all the different flavours. Hazelnut Praline. White Saffron. The sinfully thick Pitch Black hot chocolate. 🤤

Photo: @king_sirii

Good as the drinks are, Dark Sugars is no one-trick pony. Stretching as far as the eye can see are rows and rows of beautiful, hand-crafted chocolates. Like the drinks, they’re all made from the finest Ghanaian chocolate, carefully sourced by owner Fatou Mendy on her travels. From colourful pearls to giant slabs, you’ll fine a massive range here, from pistachio to liquid sea salt caramel via vodka and orange.

Photo: @k19921015

Unsurprisingly, Dark Sugars operates on a bit of a sugar high, and the place rocks along to African and Latin American beats. Don’t be surprised if the staff combine your drinks with a bit of a boogie, and count yourself lucky if you get to meet Paul, the famed “Chocolate Man” of Brick Lane. He’s always ready with a smile, and once you’ve had a taste of those hot chocolates, I’ve got a feeling you will be too…

Photo: @darksugars

Location: Two locations on Brick Lane. Dark Sugars Cocoa House is the bigger branch, at 124-126 Brick Lane, E1 6RU, whilst Dark Sugars Chocolates are at 141 Brick Lane, E1 6SB. Nearest station for both is Shoreditch High Street. See them on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Seven days a week, 10am-10pm.
Entry: free, and you can pick up the odd free sample if you turn up early enough. A hot chocolate will cost you anywhere between £4 and £5.50.
More information: head to their website.

Featured image: @darksugars

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