Dans Le… Negroni? You Can Now Drink Cocktails In Complete Darkness

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Dans Le… Negroni? You Can Now Drink Cocktails In Complete Darkness

We’ve dined in the dark at Dans Le Noir, danced in the dark at Infernos, travelled in the dark when the tube lights randomly turn off for no apparent reason… and now, perhaps the brightest concept of them all, you can DRINK IN THE DARK.

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You’ll enter the venue, ‘No Such Place’ at 68A Neal Street in Covent Garden, and be greeted by bubbles in a warmly lit space. However, once you are all sitting comfortable, darkness shall begin. Lights shall be lowered and at the same time your focus on flavour, aroma and mouthfeel shall rise… At lights out, staff and patrons are invited to remain communicative, discussing the festival of herbaceous, sweet, savoury and floral treats set before them. This involves a pre-set selection of 5 libations. Following the bubbles in the brightness, you’ll get to try 2 mouth-watering cocktails, an amuse bouche to cleanse the palate, and finally 2 aromatic wines. If that doesn’t tempt you, check out their Instagram.

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This concept is the brainchild of Lee Baker and Dom Balfour, who together have 20 years of experience in the drinks world, with Soho’s Graphic and Shoreditch’s Loves Company on their repertoire. So, for once, you’ll totally want to be left in the dark…

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