Is This The Cutest Café In London?

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Here at Secret London we live for hidden gems, and the Hollyhock Café in Richmond definitely fits the bill. Tucked away in the beautiful Terrace Gardens, this entirely fairtrade café looks like it’s been snatched right from a fairytale. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you spot the enchanting cottage with the crooked terrace and the sparkling fairy lights…

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Yes, it’s in Richmond. And yes, that probably means taking a tube, a bus and a walk to get there. Buuuut the café boasts fantastic views of the Thames and it is entirely surrounded by green. That’s got to be worth travelling for, right?

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The food is all fairtrade and/or organic, and it’s also great for veggies, vegans and gluten-avoiders. You can expect typical café food to be on the menu, but when have you ever gone wrong with a good buttery jacket potato and a giant slab of cake? (Seriously, the cake alone is worth journeying out to Richmond for).

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After you’ve scoffed your face with great food and even better coffee, Richmond Park is the perfect place to walk it all off. You could even take a stroll along the Thames and visit Petersham Nurseries — another tranquil paradise in this fine city of ours. 

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Hollyhock Café is open all year round, seven days a week. It’s not only the perfect alfresco dining spot for the summer, but it’s also there for you on chillier days, handing out blankets and hot water bottles to keep you toasty (or you could just go inside, of course).

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You’ll find this fairytale paradise at Hollyhock Café, Terrace Gardens, Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 6UX

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