Accio Vodka! Create Magical Cocktails At This Hi-Tech Potions Class

Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? At least these magical cocktails will take your mind off of it!

Fantasy fans rejoice, for another witchy drinking experience is coming to London. Earlier this year, we told you about the Kickstarter to fund a magical new pub in London called ‘The Cauldron.’  The dream of a permanent pub is still just out of reach, but in the meantime, they’re launching a ‘Magical Cocktail Experience‘ pop-up next year, which will allow you to conjure up fantastic cocktails with a swish and a flick of a wand.

[The Cauldron]

Much like one of Professor Snape’s classes, this potions course is happening in the dungeons. Of Dalston.

Technological wizardry like floating candles and moving pictures will set the scene. Upon arrival, you’ll be kitted out with a robe and a fully-functioning wand, and once you’ve stopped taking selfies and generally fangirling, the drinking begins. Use your wand to pour yourself a specially brewed beer, and then start mixing.

[The Cauldron]
Grab your potion-making ingredients and fetch yourself a sturdy cauldron. Under the watchful eye of a potions guru, you’ll chop, grind, and mix two delicious magical cocktails. And these certainly aren’t budget margaritas you’re mixing. Co-founder David Duckworth is a molecular mixologist who’s worked on The Bletchley and ABQ, so you know they’ll be special. Expect them to bubble, smoke, and even change colour – which is more than your bog-standard daiquiri can do!

[The Cauldron]
‘The Magical Cocktail’ experience lasts an hour and forty-five minutes, and will cost you £29.99. Classes will begin in March 2018, but you can nab a spot now – visit the website to book, find out more, or donate to the fundraising effort. And always remember kids, don’t drink and fly! Let this be a warning to you all.

Harry and Ron’s boozy night got out of hand…

In the meantime, check out the Magical Cocktails at King’s Cross St. Pancras, the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library, the molecular cocktail masterclass at ABQ, or the code-cracking cocktail experience at The Bletchley.