Can’t Face The Cold? Here’s How To Have A Cosy Evening In With Gordon’s

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Can’t Face The Cold? Here’s How To Have A Cosy Evening In With Gordon’s

Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season to grab your warmest blanket and stay very firmly inside until the cold weather passes.

Well – we’ve accepted we might have to leave the house occasionally (keeping your job, anyone?) but rather than spending our evenings exploring London’s parks and watching the sun go down, our new plans are focused around central heating.

But who’s to say that you can’t have fun inside, in the warm? We’ve put together a list with the help of Gordon’s gin so you’ll find yourself suitably amused no matter whose company you’re in.

Throw a dinner party with friends


If you get all of the right components together, a simple dinner party can be infinitely more fun than a night out. You don’t need to find change to stash your coat in the cloakroom, you’ll be hanging out with a specially vetted selection of people and, at the end of the night, you can take off your uncomfortable shoes without worrying about treading on something. Instead, focus your energy on serving up the perfect combination of food and drinks. Cook up some fabulously fancy recipes, get the Gordon’s out for a delicious round of gin and tonics and make sure the house is in a semi-reasonable state. All that’s left to do is sort the playlist.

Start prepping for Christmas

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Time is ticking and we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas. We know – it feels like it was summer only yesterday for us too. But if you haven’t started present shopping already, now’s your chance. Pour yourself a Gordon’s and tonic, get comfy on the sofa and crack on with your online shopping (Gordon’s makes a perfect gift too for all those gin lovers out there, BTW). Make sure you’re organised with the pre-Christmas snacks (we’re thinking hummus, crisps and dips) and maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, start menu prepping. If you happen to accidentally buy a few presents for yourself at the same time, then don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

Get your mixologist on


It’s completely understandable if you’d rather not leave the house when the temperature drops below zero – we’re all only human, after all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend like you’re out in a fancy club. But instead of layering up and bracing yourself before stepping outside, stay at home for a stylish night of mixing your own cocktails. For a festive and fruity mix, have a go at creating a Gordon’s ruby cooler or a delicious Blackberry Shrub. For a taste of Havana mixed with a touch of British spirit, we recommend the Gordon’s Mojito. To really wow any future guests, stir up a fancy Gordon’s Fizz. And don’t forget to bring out the bread and olives or crisps and dips to complete your evening.

Have an evening to yourself


But sometimes only the lowest of low-key nights will do when you’re tired after a long week of adulting. In this case, a cosy night for one is well overdue. Celebrate however you see fit: either a warm bubble bath with a Gordon’s pink spritz in hand or maybe a movie marathon with a selection of your top picks to see the evening through. Make yourself a nice dinner, start a new book or listen to a couple of episodes of a podcast. You’ll know your evening’s been a success when you’ve finished your Gordon’s, ticked at least two of these activities off of your list and have finally got comfy in bed.

Invite your family round


We probably don’t see our family as much as we should do, so an evening in with the nearest and dearest is up there with the most wholesome ways to spend a night. As we’re getting closer to the festive period, it’s also a great way to slip in your present suggestions and to figure out if your dad’s already got the record you’re planning on buying. And it can go one of two ways – either have a classy affair, where each family member brings a dish and you go all out with the Gordon’s Sloesecco. Or, keep it casual with some comfort food, a can of Gordon’s and tonic (or one of their many other drinks) and a pyjamas-only dress policy.

Chill out with someone special


Date night isn’t always quite so romantic when you’re shivering, so swap those sun-drenched evening strolls through the park for a night in. You can still do dinner and a movie from the comfort of your own home – just swap the overpriced steak for your favourite takeout or cook up a meal for two. Keep the evening special by pouring out a Gordon’s pink and tonic, finished off with some strawberries for a romantic rosy glow.

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