Let Us Introduce You To Coppa Club’s Tempting Supper Club

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Let Us Introduce You To Coppa Club’s Tempting Supper Club

Eat in London’s loveliest restaurant, home of the first dine-in igloos.

You’ve seen the igloos, you’ve accepted the fact that you can’t seem to get a reservation* (damn those igloos ?). But that doesn’t mean you can’t dine like those lucky sods who managed to nab themselves a spot.


Coppa Club have three London venues to choose from (plus a restaurant in Sonning, near Reading), and an epic supper club menu that will more than make up for lost views of Tower Bridge*. After all, who needs to be sat in an igloo to enjoy tasty, quality food?


Choose between two or three courses, including bruschetta, lemon and rosemary chicken, and deliciously moist chocolate and almond cake. All of their dishes are simple, thoughtful and unfussy, and will certainly impress your lucky companion(s). Accompanying the set menu are a selection of carefully-chosen wines, beers and some amazing signature cocktails.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

Coppa Club have venues in Oxford Circus, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s and Sonning in Berkshire. To book for the two or three course supper club menu, head over to Fever. Two courses cost just £16.95 and three cost £23.95. Please be aware that you’ll have to call ahead to book a table, and it’s only available until January 31st 2018.  

*if you’re really lucky, you might get a cheeky spot in an igloo, as they keep a few tables clear for walk-ins. Just don’t count on it!

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