Find Out Where You Can Get Free Ben & Jerry’s In London This Summer!

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Ben Jerrys Swich Up London Free

When it comes to deliciously smooth ice cream, packed with mouth-watering flavours and huge chunks of chocolate and cookie dough goodness, only one – or should that be two? – great name comes to mind: Ben & Jerry’s.  Normally thrown in the supermarket trolley somewhat plagued with waist-expanding guilt, this summer is the time for no shame: only the full-on enjoyment of Ben & Jerry’s fine milky wares without spending a penny is allowed!

Ben Jerrys Swich Up London Free
[photograph: Chloé Koura at www.londonist.com]
As part of their #wichtour celebrating their latest flavour combination S’Wich Up (made from vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, and chocolate cookies), they’re giving away free samples at various locations around the capital. They like to keep us in hungry suspense by announcing at the last minute where they’re going to park up in their customised VW van, so all we can do is get on Twitter and follow them (refreshing somewhat maniacally) at @benandjerrysUK for regular updates on where to find their free scoops of S’wich Up! You’ve just heard about the best ice cream scoop (both journalistic and ice-cream-istic) from Secret London: spread the word!

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Featured Image: Ben & Jerry

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