81 Of The Most Colourful Places In London

Banish that January grey with a proper eyeful of these places.

Colourful spots are hiding around every corner of the city, if you know where to look. From boisterous blues to playful purples, here’s a hue-mungous list of our favourite colourful places.


As the buses and phone boxes prove, we’re pretty fond of red here in London.

J Sheekey

Photo: @itsalexlandon247

The Covent Garden seafood restaurant is a real catch.


Photo: @crazycatladyldn

Head to Portobello Road to find one in a vermilion antiques at Alice’s.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Photo: @jamieaeagles

The sole spot on this list to feature in a Spice Girls video, these stairs are the only place you’ll Wannabe.

Algerian Coffee Stores

Photo: @odoardo

130 years old, and still churning out top-notch espressos for the princely sum of £1.

Transept Street

Photo: @dvd.a.g

This Marylebone street has a serious case of scarlet fever. (Not literally).


Rather than singing the blues, just look at these aquamarine dreams instead.

Kingly Court

Photo: @pandalum

Impossible to feel the blues in a place where you can get Bread Ahead’s doughnuts.

Craft London

Photo: @tomdixonjapan

Modern British cooking in an electric blue setting.

Earl of Bolingbroke Suite, Batty Langley’s Hotel

Photo: @battylangleys

Pros: it’s got a luggage lift! Cons: it costs £630 per night to stay here.

Blue Bar at The Berkeley

Photo: @liza_rachevskaya

This five-star Knightsbridge hotel has a suitably elegant bar to match.


Photo: @icebarlondon

About as cool they come, and rather blue too.


There are many reasons why London makes other cities green with envy.

Edgware Road Tube Station

Photo: @biotecture_

The Underground isn’t renowned for being colourful, but Edgware’s living wall hopes to change that.

The Gentlemen Baristas

Photo: @elice_f

Don’t be fooled by the cute exterior: inside, they’ll whip you up a mean macchiato.

The Vintage Showroom

Photo: @shopsofldn

With the slightly off-centre shopfront, this Seven Dials mainstay is looking mint.

Foster Books

Photo: @raphinadasblog

This cute as a button bookshop is another reason to visit Chiswick.

Lina Stores

Photo: @geoffharris80

One of the best delis in London, and gloriously green to boot.


They call us mellow yellow, and quite rightly.

Monochrome Exhibit at The National Gallery 

[National Gallery]
Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Room for one colour’ is a mind-bending addition to the National Gallery’s ‘Monochrome’ exhibition.

Grosvenor Prints

Photo: @emilfilt

This Covent Garden shop serves up antique prints with a side of sunshine.

The Breakfast Club, Soho

Photo: @denemenlazim

Just as yellow on the inside, too.

The Goring Hotel

Photo: @rsvp_magazine

A firm favourite with the royal family, the hotel serves up a very fancy afternoon tea in this seriously sunny space.


Photo: @secondhome_io

Yellow shelves dominate this funky bookshop, where the books are organised in categories like ‘Enchantment for the Disenchanted’.


We’ve jumped all over the millenial pink trend before, but here’s a couple more fabulously fuchsia spots for you.

Tonight Josephine

Photo: @alana_irwin

Like Josephine de Beauharnais, the inspiration for Tonight Josephine, this place gives literally zero fucks what you think of it.


The whole place is a multicolour dream, but The Gallery in particular is pretty in pink.


[Pinterest: Homegirl London]
Looking fetching in pink, this Indian restaurant in Stoke Newington serves seriously good food.

Isabella Plantation

Photo: @suzielund

This hidden park is so pink, we needed a full article to appreciate it’s pinkness.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Photo: @sannyzoektgeluk

The cutest cake shop in London? Pick up a cupcake and investigate!


These oranges will leave you feeling juiced.

Kensington Gore

Photo: @milenssky

Got some spare change? Maybe look at nabbing one of these ultra-luxe houses, right next to the Royal Albert Hall.

Reckless Records

Photo: @saelboat

A Soho music shop in an unmissable hue of orange.

St Pancras

Photo: @laurewavreille

The venerable old station is positively tangerine in the right light.

Arancini Brothers

Photo: @gambitthefrenchie

Come for the bright orange colour scheme, stay for the deep-fried risotto balls.

Central St Giles

Photo: @wwdseb

Google’s London HQ is equally whimsical on the inside.


The Elizabeth line is set to make London even more purple, but for now, enjoy these places.

Mayfield Lavender Farm

Photo: @helsinkimood

Perfect for a summer’s day, we just hope it doesn’t (purple) rain when you visit.

Konditor & Cook, Waterloo

Photo: @p.a.t.m.a.n

Violently violet, and full of damn delicious treats.

Western Concourse, King’s Cross Station

Photo: @philipp_pley

What with its colour changing tunnel and multicoloured neon birdcage, King’s Cross is pretty lit.

Vagabond Wines, Fitzrovia

Photo: @shopsofldn

Multiple branches, but the Fitzrovia one is the purplest of the lot.

Wisteria Houses

Photo: @organic_light

Less of a place, more of a state of mind. Expect wisteria hysteria to return with a vengeance come spring.


When one colour just isn’t enough, try them all.

Neal’s Yard

Photo: @tierneytime

The hideaway spot in Seven Dials is a visual feast.

Peckham Levels

Photo: @peckhamlevels

The higher you climb, the more colours you see in Peckham’s newest hotspot.

God’s Own Junkyard

Photo: @godsownjunkyard

Every colour of the rainbow is here in Walthamstow‘s neon junkyard.

Lancaster Road, Notting Hill

Photo: @vixy1988

We could have chosen loads of London streets for this one, but none are as criminally colourful as Lancaster Road.

The Royal Arcade

Photo: @mgsiegler

Royally flush with every colour imaginable.

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