East London’s Craziest New Cocktails Just Landed Off Brick Lane

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Undoubtedly one of London’s quirkiest cocktail bars, Brick Lane’s Cocktail Trading Company is back with an even more inventive summer menu.

If you love whiling away your evenings with an expertly crafted cocktail in hand, this intimate Shoreditch bar comes complete with live music, good vibes and some seriously good drinks.

Blue Moon Hot Air Balloon Cocktail

The Cocktail Trading Company’s playful cocktail list takes their output to new heights – quite literally, in fact, as one of them is served in a mini hot air balloon. With 400 different spirits behind the bar, they’ve let their imagination run wild.

Punch at Cocktail Trading Company

Sip on Punch made from rum, almond-lime sherbet and ginger ale, served in a conch shell – far from the dodgy punch of a summer party, this closer to an extra-fancy shaved ice granita served with a spoon.

Jack Rose at Cocktail Trading Company

For something a little sweeter, order a Jack Rose, made up of Jagermeister banoffee, ginger-redbush gelato and some good ol’ Jack Daniels. Also, it’s served in an apple on a tree stump. Why not, eh?

Jupiter Cocktail with American Flag

All of their concoctions are just as curiously presented, like the ‘Jupiter’, which loosely resembles a NASA-themed science fair project. (Order a Coquetier and you’ll have to break into an egg to get to your drink.)

Cocktail with dog in tie

For a night cap, call over a Bosom Caresser (a cocktail, not an unfortunate member of staff). It’s a very boozy milkshake made with cocoa butter and hazelnut whiskey, toasted banana and brioche cream, and walnut-vanilla essence – served with a slice of cinnamon sugar french toast. Because eating is very important when you’r drinking, after all.

The new cocktail menu is now available and all cocktails are £9.50. You can find The Cocktail Trading Company at 68 Bethnal Green Road, Brick Lane, E1 6GQ.

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