Cockney’tivity Is Coming To Give You A Proper East End Chrimbo

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Oi oi guv’nor! Cockney’tivity is the Christmas dining experience you didn’t know you needed.

If you’re Hank Marvin for some entertainment this Christmas, then we’ve found something that will be right up your alley. Arriving in Hackney this winter is a Christmas treat that will be knee-slappingly good. Cockney’tivity is a festive dining experience set in the winter wonderland that is the East End, and we reckon it will be absolutely cream rice. Can you Adam and Eve it?


From December 1st-21st, Zebedee Productions will be filling a disused pub in Hackney with pearly kings and queens once more. Inside legendary local boozer The North Star, a Cockney drama will unfold before your eyes. Expect three acts of outrageous festive fun, along with a three course Christmas meal. It’s right proper grub too, as diamond geezers Nanny Bill’s are the team in charge of feeding you lot.

Between the food and the drama, you’re guaranteed to be in a right two and eight by the end of it. But then again, that’s what Christmas – and especially Cockney Christmas – is all about! Cockney’tivity tickets are on sale now, and you’ll find The North Star near to Homerton overground station. Bring the trouble and strife if you fancy a gander, but maybe leave the bin lids at home for this one, alright?

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