9 Ugly Christmas Jumpers That Vegans Never Knew They Needed

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Finally! Just what vegans have always wanted! Festive jumpers to wear while they chomp on nut roast!

A clever little sausage (‘scuse the irony) has spotted a huge gap in the market and boy, do we approve. These pun-tastic, Christmas-coated jumpers from Pave Patterns are exactly what every vegan needs. I use the word ‘need’ because these jumpers, my dear herbivore friends, are on par with toilet paper embossed with snowflakes and Brussels sprout-covered napkins, otherwise referred to as Essential Christmas Items.

Christmas is a time to celery-brate!


And what better way to spread happiness than with a punny, vegan jumper!


We dare you to feel any feelings of Scrooginess whilst wearing one of these!


It’s simply not possible! Just look at this adorable bok choy, giving us nothing but smiles!


They don’t ignore the harsh reality, though…


Nor the startling truth that turkeys can, in fact, give the finger.


We have to give it to them, they do feature some seriously corny puns that may even put Secret London to shame…


I mean, they must be good if they can beet us!


This one, however, depicts a very sad story and all you vegans should feel very, very guilty. Shame on you. Shame on you all.


You can get hold of these jumpers (and more crazy designs) at pavepatterns.com and they cost £29 a piece. Browse the full collection here


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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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