You Could Be Chilling In One Of These Secret Gardens This Weekend

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With the weather set to be scorching, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than ambling around some of the capital’s finest green spaces, eh?

This weekend (June 17th-18th) is Open Garden Squares Weekend which sees a fine selection of garden spaces being, well, open. Over 230 gardens of all varieties will be open for all you green thumbs, bonkers botanists and floral loving families to enjoy. We’re talking private gardens, hidden gems, roof gardens, allotments, historical ones – the list is endless.

Book your tickets to this 20 year old event and enjoy delights like their pop-up gin garden, botanical art workshops, poets-in-residence, cycle rides and many more bloomin’ marvellous free events. Here’s a few we tracked down on Instagram – just click the photo to find out where each one is.

1. All the red foliage

2. Follow the flowers down to the docks


3. Sit back amongst the flowers in a summer-ready deckchair


4. Arsenal’s old football pitch is now a stunning minimalist garden!?

5. Nothing beats Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on a sunny day


6. Allotments so cute, we could cry.

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7. Brightly coloured flowers will always lift our mood


8. Special focus on rooftops this year – they’re pretty but also an important element in London’s sustainable architecture

9. Stunning views of London’s skyline and yet, so serene.


10. Nothing like a quick history lesson

11. Bunting. Say no more.


12. If only all the pathways to our houses looked like this, right?

13. All the appropriate summer hues


14. Just imagine if this was your front yard

15. City allotments with wholesome veg? Yes please.

With lots of free events, bookable tours and lots of pretty (totally picture-worthy) gardens to appreciate, the Open Garden Space Weekend is a London event that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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