Check Out The Ultimate Music Lover’s Tube Map Of London

How many gig venues in London have you been to?

It’s a well-known fact that London is basically the hub of everything cool, cultural and of course, live music plays a major part in the vibe of the capital.

The people at London Fox Lettings have created a gig venue tube map to help any music-loving Londoner find somewhere new to explore in the city.

They’ve collected over a hundred concert venues, music halls and bars and pubs with bands from Cockfosters to Clapham. Use it as a reference, a ‘cross off the ones I’ve been to’ game or as your own personal bucket list. Either way, it’s a pretty cool looking map of London. So even if you wanted to print it off and stick it on a wall, we wouldn’t blame you either.

Click here to see the full map.

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