What Are The Chances Of Snow Falling In London This Christmas?!

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‘I’m dreaming of a whiiiiiiiite Christmas…’ Aren’t we all Bing Crosby, aren’t we all? (Bing Crosby is the guy who sings that song it was a FUNNY joke okay). We can sing all we want but what are the real chances of Londoners waking up on Christmas morning to a fresh, crisp blanket of snow covering the gum-stained streets? Well, 10/1 apparently… according to Sun Bets.

This may seem as though London has a fairly good chance of transforming into a twinkly winter wonderland this Christmas but before we get ahead of ourselves we need to tell you that London’s odds are actually the worst of the lot. *Crying ensues.* In fact Aberdeen and Edinburgh are joint leaders in the ‘snow on Christmas day’ competition with 4/1 odds… but they’re both, like, Scotland and it’s alwaaaays snowy there so that’s basically cheating? Duh!! 


Feature Image: [flickr: Dafydd Vaughan]

Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher

After recently graduating from a degree in History (something she wishes her student loan would become), Annabel resents people who complain about their commutes between zone 1 & 2, as hers goes beyond the Oyster zone. It's worth it, however, to be able to write in a city where bars stay open past 8pm.