Centre Point’s Light Up Letters Have Returned After Two Years

Centre Point Letters Lights

Centre Point, the brutalist tower of Tottenham Court Road, has had its iconic sign turned on once more.

Centre Point lights
Photo: @mrwhisper

Built in 1966, the maligned concrete building has been under renovation since 2015, as it’s been turned by developers into – what else? – luxury flats. (To be fair, it would be quite a handy place to live.)

Centre Point Tower London
Photo: @mrwhisper

Well, those works are nearly at an end, and so the three-metre-high letters at the top, which have been orienting the lost shoppers of Oxford Street for decades, have been set aglow once more.

Photo: @centrepointldn
Photo: @mrwhisper

They’re probably the best–looking thing about the building, so it’s nice to see them back!

London from the rooftops
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