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The Central Line Is Finally Getting Some Long Overdue Improvements

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


The dreaded and awfully claustrophobic Central Line is finally getting a major boost, as plans reveal a £112.1 million improvement is in the works.

It’s the line that gets our hair all frizzy in the morning, causes our makeup to melt off and simultaneously lose all sense of personal space. The oh so lovely Central Line.

[John Ray]
For a long time now, Londoners have mentally culminated complaints about the red line that, collectively, are probably bigger than London itself. Buuut, new motors and traction control equipment will be installed on all the Central Line trains with work starting as quickly as in the next few weeks.

[Gordon Joly]
This all means that fewer Central Line trains will need to go in for repairs which means services will be as reliable as ever and boost capacity. (We’ll believe it when we see it).

Mark Wild, the managing director of the London Underground has said “We are making a number of improvements to reduce delays and make the line more reliable for our customers”. Anything that stops us running up those escalators in the morning, right?


Feature Image: Eric Cronin.

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