Cecil’s Secret Speakeasy

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Cecil’s Secret Speakeasy


This Asian sensation is one of the best kept secrets south of the river. From Saturday to Blatterday (#Seppfree!), it’s the perfect place to slink off for an evening drink. In true ‘we’ve got a secret and we want to shout about it’ style, Cecil’s are offering an awesome invitational deal of 2 beers for £5 for users of the Fever app. And you thought beers in London were expensive…

I have to admit, when I first heard the name ‘Cecil’s’, I didn’t associate it with an Asian-style speakeasy bar. But then perhaps that’s the point. Everything’s a little bit unexpected. The vintage decor and broody atmosphere is unexpected. The secret warehouse location is unexpected. The incredible list of Oriental-inspired cocktails is unexpected. And 2 beers for a fiver is very much unexpected. It’s all very welcome though.


With a little bit of live jazz to set the tone, Cecil’s strikes me as the perfect date venue. Open till late, there’s plenty of time to work your way through the Shanghai cocktails, while the brave will make their way onto the 3,4, or even 8-people sharing cocktail pots. Try the Pot of Iniquity, which blends sloe gin with fresh lime and a dash of apricot brandy (yum!) Students that have just finished exams might also raise an eyebrow towards Cecil’s offerings: 2 beers for £5 plus a 4-person, £25 sharing pot sounds like a good way to kick off a night in London Bridge.

Whatever your reason for celebrating (do you really need one?), Cecil’s sounds like the perfect little place to do so. Heck, you can even get those 2 beers for free if you haven’t used Fever before, just enter the reward code THNXCECIL. Happy Blatterday!

2 Beers for £5 at Cecil’s

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