11 Nuts Pictures That Reveal The Secret Lives Of London’s Squirrels

Yago Hein Yago Hein

Gym Squirells London

Next time you see a squirrel in London, you better think twice about what those furry friends are up to when your back is turned. It seems they’ve learned a lot from us…


1. The Squirrel Social Class System

Social Class Squirrel London
Judging by this guy, squirrels have somehow created a society of social classes. Talk about gentrification – this fella looks pretty damn well off. We wonder what Marx would have said about this…


2. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Squirrel London
Hell yeah! The rodents also love Game of Thrones… but in the squirrel version they are obviously fighting for the ‘Acorn Throne’.


3. The Sex Squirrels

Guitare Squirrel London
Every summer, you’d expect to see a large gathering of squirrels in Hyde Park. What you don’t know is that the up-and-coming rock gods – the ‘Sex Squirrels’ – put on one hell of a summertime festival. If you haven’t heard, then you’r just not squirrel enough. (For human festivals, see here.)


4. Harlem Shake 

Harlem Shake Squirrel Londo
[Daily Mail]
Believe it or not, but the Harlem Shake was invented by the squirrels over the pond. It travelled all the way to London and now they never miss an occasion to do it in public – so keep your eyes peeled.


5. Squirrels. Camera. Action.

Movie Squirrel London
[Daily Mail]
Only problem with squirrels is they’re all ‘take, take, take’. And not only when it comes to nuts.


6. The Mysterious And Magical Squirrel

Magic Squirrel London
[Daily Mail]
We hope that there was no on stage incidences in this case.


7. Basketball

Basketball Squirrel London
Here is John Marble and Bobby Oak. This snap was taken during the NBA (Nuts Basketball Associations) Final.


8. Snapchat

Snapchat Face-Swap Squirrel London
[Ask Ideas]
The squirrels love Snapchat’s face-swap update as much as we do. But it’s terrifying.


9. The Office

The Office Squirrel London
[Ov Guide & Ask Ideas]
The squirrels have been working their way through various series, including the much loved The Office (yes, the American version – the b*stards).


10. The Gym

Gym Squirrel London
The squirrels are getting pumped for summer too. Good job they know how to spot.


11. Halloween

Halloween Squirrel London
[The Bold Corsican Flame]
They sure know how to combine halloween with sass. Talk about naughty outfits.

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