A ‘Sine’ Of Madness? Londoners Have Been Dubbed The Best At Maths

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A ‘Sine’ Of Madness? Londoners Have Been Dubbed The Best At Maths

We used to hate maths over here…until we realised that decimals had a point (hahaha) so it was pretty surprising to hear the news that recent research has revealed that Londoners are better at maths than any other part in the country. The findings were based on more than 30 per cent of Londoners answering a maths question correctly in a test set by the National Numeracy charity, which was a higher percentage than in any other region. More unsurprisingly perhaps, is the conclusion that Londoners are also more likely to rate their own maths skills as excellent or good than anywhere else…(so even if you were terrible, you’d never admit it…) If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will, we guess!

You guys, pretty much. [Giphy]
It was announced that the reasoning behind distributing the test was because of a warning issued by the National Numeracy charity that people in the UK are so bad at maths they cannot work out dietary guidelines. Apparently only one quarter of people across the UK were able to work out the numbers behind the information on food labels, according to a survey by the charity. Eek. While 31 percent of Londoners answered correctly, a mere 18 per cent got the question right in Wales and 21 per cent in Scotland and Northern Ireland. We reckon it’s because London is so expensive that we’re constantly having to figure out exactly how many Prets we can have until beans on toast takes over for a week…either way, congratulations are in order!

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