A Gospel Choir Will Be Bringing The Festive Spirit To A Candlelit Butcher’s Hall This December

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A Gospel Choir Will Be Bringing The Festive Spirit To A Candlelit Butcher’s Hall This December

An elf (who looked a lot like Will Ferrell) once wisely said that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. This Candlelight concert has clearly taken that advice on board and has decided to celebrate the festive season with some popular Christmas carols. Taking place at Butcher’s Hall on December 20, Candlelight: Christmas Carols by Gospel Choir promises an enchanting evening that would get even the most surly Grinch or bitter Scrooge in the mood for Christmas.

Like stepping into a warm bath after a chilly walk, the melodic sounds of Christmas carols will wash over you with a soothing familiarity as soon as you sink into your seat. All your favourites are on the agenda, including Jingle Bells, The First Noel, Little Drummer Boy and Come All Ye Faithful. Whether you’re one to sing along or would rather leave it up to the professionals, there’s no denying the festive power of a good Christmas song.

Giant is the name of the gospel choir that have been tasked with bringing the beloved carols to life. With five vocally-gifted members and a piano in an intimate setting, the hall will no doubt result in some impressive acoustics.


This will all unfold in the elegant interior of Butcher’s Hall in City of London. The historic building, home to the Worshipful Company of Butchers, is the most recent headquarters in a long line of halls that date back to the 15th century. The previous halls met untimely ends, some ravaged by fires and others bombed in both World Wars. The current hall was first built in 1960 but was recently refurbished. The crystal chandeliers, golden detailing and swirling patterns on the decorative ceiling – illuminated by the soft flickering of candlelight – will make for a perfect backdrop to this enchanting concert.

There will be two concerts taking place on December 20, so you’ll have the choice between an early evening or, if you’re a tad more nocturnal, a slight later performance. This magical night is a surefire way to feel festive in time for Christmas, so make sure you grab tickets now before they disappear faster than Santa’s sleigh.

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