You Can Now Have A Tour Of Buckingham Palace Whenever You Want

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There’s nothing better than having a nose around someone else’s bedroom. And now, thanks to a new experience created by the Royal Collection Trust in association with Google, you no longer have to wait until summer to have a sniff round the Queen’s pad. The tour is specifically designed for school kids but we won’t blame you for getting a little bit wee-your-pants excited about this one… After all, it’s not that often that we get to see inside a £935 million home.

As you may have guessed, the tour is virtual so there will be no opportunities to carve your initials into the bannister but it does provide 360-degree angles for optimum snooping… Talk about home envy.

You can’t blame her though, she is the Queen of Sass, after all. 

Featured Image Credit: Derry Moore 

Tabby Powell-Tuck

Tabby Powell-Tuck

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