Londoners: Can You Spot The Real Headlines From The April Fool’s?

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Londoners: Can You Spot The Real Headlines From The April Fool’s?

While we’ve all had a good old chuckle this morning at some brilliant (and some frankly terrible) April Fool’s, it turns out that due to the ridiculousness that is modern day life, sometimes it’s harder to tell the spoof from the truth. Learn to discern, or forever be a nincompoop.


1. Darth Vader’s running for President in Ukraine.
2. The Evening News exclusively revealing that efforts to save costs resulted in a critical flaw.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.55.51
[Edinburgh News]
The article stated that “drivers will face a minimum speed limit of 30mph on the Queensferry Crossing, so that vehicles clear the gap safely.”


3. A US entrepreneur vowing to rid China of ‘farcical’ western names.

A US entrepreneur has pledged to rid China of “farcical” western names such as Lady Gaga, Elvis and Washing Liquid. Chinese people commonly take an “English name” to help Anglophone employers address them. But often these result in them being “laughed at behind their backs” when they choose such monikers as Furry, Twinkle, Pussy or Volcano, says businesswoman Lindsay Jernigan, who has launched a website to help Mandarin speakers adopt more suitable titles. Washing Liquid is also apparently a popular adopted name…


4. Erhm…
5. New trampoline aisles in Tesco.
6. Women become good cooks at the age of 55.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.13.30

We’d like to add that this was from the Daily Mail…


7. The edible newspaper.
8. The out-of-place fun police.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.21.30
A theme park has asked people on a new ride not to scream because they don’t want to upset their neighbours.


9. You Won’t Believe What This London Online Shop Are Selling…


This is one of Secret London’s very own. Air Shoreditch is a website that bottles and sells London air.


ANSWERS: 1. Truth, 2. Spoof, 3. Truth, 4. Truth, 5. Spoof, 6. Truth (by truth we mean that was a real headline, not that it’s true…) 7. Spoof, 8. Truth, 9. Truth

Featured Image Credit: Metro/Pinterest

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